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Uplifting Soy Candle

Uplifting Soy Candle

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Our Uplifting Candle Is a Great Way to Attain a Calm and Centered State of Mind!

If you are looking for a centered state of mind, our Uplifting candle is perfect for you!

Transform any space into a soothing atmosphere.

It will work to settle and clarify the mind and bring you peace in your darkest times. Now you can reduce stress and live a much happier life.

Blend Details:

  • Intentions: Boost, Inspire, Cheer-Up, Mindfulness
  • Scent Profile: Luxurious spa scent
  • Scents: White Tea
  • Infused with natural essential oils including bergamot, litsea, cubeba, and ginger
  • Environment friendly
  • Handmade
  • Cotton Wick
  • Burn time 9oz- up to 60 hours

 100% natural soy wax is derived from vegetable soybeans. It is considered a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly. You will get a candle that lasts longer since soy wax burns slower. Candles made with soy wax burn less soot and burn cleaner.

The wicks we use are 100% cotton, containing no lead or zinc. 


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