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Cleansing Soy Candle

Cleansing Soy Candle

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Our Cleansing Candle Is a Great Way to Release Negative Energy, Cleanse Your Mind & Concentrate!

Our Cleansing Candle comes fully prepared to cleanse any and all negative energy in your environment. Our cleansing candle will help clear the mind, remove negative thoughts and emotions, and help to widen your perception. It will also help you achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Blend Details:

  • Intentions: Clean Air, Cleanse Space, Heal bad energy
  • Scent Profile: Earthy, Citrus, Soft Violet
  • Scents: Palo Santo
  • Infused with natural essential oils including elemi
  • Environment friendly
  • Handmade
  • Cotton Wick
  • Burn time 9oz- up to 60 hours

 100% natural soy wax is derived from vegetable soybeans. It is considered a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly. You will get a candle that lasts longer since soy wax burns slower. Candles made with soy wax burn less soot and burn cleaner.

The wicks we use are 100% cotton, containing no lead or zinc. 


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